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"Judy Stitt brings intelligence, energy, and goodwill to any job she performs. I particularly value her meticulous attention to detail and her unflagging and conscientious performance of duties."

A. Denny Ellerman,
Executive Director, MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change and the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research

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TekEDIT TM specializes in clarifying and refining for publication (or other presentation) scientific and technical documents such as:

  • Proposals
  • Journal articles
  • Reports
  • Working papers
  • Book manuscripts

TekEDIT TM provides the following services to help you with your research projects:

Substantive and Copy Editing

  • Correcting spelling and grammar
  • Cross-checking manuscript elements for consistency
  • Identifying issues of clarity and accuracy
  • Working with authors to resolve issues
  • Rewriting and reorganizing to improve readability

Desktop Publishing

  • Formatting text and graphics on pages
  • Editing as necessary to fit available space


  • TekEDIT TM considers each project with you to determine the requirements, and then provides time/cost estimates and a preliminary style sheet for your review, based on an examination of the entire document and a sample edit of several pages.
  • Editor and author sign a short letter of agreement stipulating expectations, minimum and maximum payments, schedule, and frequency and modes of communication.

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