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Communicating technical information
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"Working with Judy on a long technical paper with two authors, each with his own style, has been a true joy. She is a consummate professional who greatly increased the readability of the paper. I look forward to the opportunity of working with her again."

Richard C. Larson,
Mitsui Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and of Engineering Systems; Director, Center for Engineering Systems Fundamentals; Founder and Director, Learning International Networks Consortium (LINC), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Research Authors Have Special Concerns

TekEDIT TM specializes in editorial services for researchers in scientific, engineering, and other technical fields, helping to communicate information precisely as intended.

Those who write, publish, or administer documents about research or development know the importance of conveying thoughts accurately in print.

You may be especially aware of how costly unclear printed communications can be if:

  • you review numerous technical papers
  • your group sponsors international researchers and reports on their investigations
  • you report on research in English rather than in your primary language

Add TekEDIT TM to your toolkit. We help to present technical information more clearly and succinctly, saving costs and valuable time for everyone who will use it.

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